Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to use a special kind of ink to write on this paper?

    I work with two different types of paper: one of which is a handmade paper and the other is a watercolor paper. Compare the list of media that can be used on each of the two:

    Handmade Paper:

    • any ink except a Sharpie
    • we recommend the Uniball Gel Pen
    • graphite
    • colored pencil
    • soft pastel
    • pan pastel
    • charcoal
    • crayon

    Watercolor Paper:

    • all inks, including Sharpie
    • any heavy marker
    • watercolors
    • watercolor pencil
    • acrylic paint
    • soft pastel
    • oil pastel
    • pan pastel
    • charcoal
    • graphite
    • colored pencil
    • crayon

    ***Feel free to spray fixative over finished work that you do not want to smear or rub-off onto the adjacent page!!
  2. Do you make the paper?

    I purchase thousands of sheets of handmade paper and watercolor paper per year. They are functional, acid-free, archival and beautiful papers that come to me in "parent-size" sheets. I tear the paper down to the shape I desire and then (nutshell version) bind it to the leather.

    The handmade paper is categorized as "rag paper" since they are made out of old clothing. The ground-up, microscopic cotton fibers from the clothing are constituting the pulp, and a whole bunch of science is added in order to make it durable and functional. "Sizing" is the helps the paper control absorption.

    The watercolor paper comes from the brand "Fluid", which is comparable to Arches and Strathmore. It is a 140-pound, cold-press watercolor paper that proves to be the one of the most versatile papers in the world.
  3. Where do you get your leather?

    Once or twice a year, I make a trip to Holmes County in Ohio, which is populated by mostly Amish and Mennonite folks. I hand-select the hides from a family-owned company by the traditional name of Weaver Leather. The hides are already tanned and ready to go...I choose them for their color, character, natural edges, and any other "character marks" that fit into the rustic-contemporary genre I envision for the journals.
  4. Are the books refillable?

    None of these journals are refillable.  All journals are designed and made to be keepsakes!
  5. Can any of these be used as photo albums?

    Sure!  All the paper I work with is acid-free and archival and is safe for photographs.  Simply mount the photograph directly onto the page, and you're set!
  6. Do you do custom work?

    Yes. Feel free to use our "Contact" page for inquiries. If you'd like to call instead of email, please call me, Teresa at 719-431-9186.
  7. Do you make book covers, iPad covers, Bible covers, etc.?

    I must say no to this one. As an artist, I feel a responsibility to create things from a realm of passion. For me, my spirit is encompassed by my focus, discipline and diligence, and my dedication exists in the work you see on this website.  I believe in journals and journaling...that's all there is to it!