I've been enjoying Mind's Eye Journals for at least 6 years and have collected 25 books to date.  Made from the highest quality materials, and the outstanding craftsmanship, these journals are a collector's dream.


I got my first Mind's Eye journal back in 2009, and now I have a shelf lined with their beautiful work!  I draw and write all the time, but these works of art inspire me every day.  You just cannot go wrong with any of these wonderful journals!


I've been a writer since I was 9.  Each journal I write in daily is extremely important to me, and I've spent a lot of time over the years shopping for that "just right" feeling.  As you might guess, I have tons of journals, but the ones I treasure most are those I've bought (and keep buying!) from Mind's Eye Journals.  Their artistry, craftsmanship, binding, design, and overall quality are unmatched.  And they are an absolute joy to talk to.  They love what they do, and that is evident in each journal they create.


We discovered Mind's Eye Journals at one of our many festivals.  These journals rock!  They are all unique.  They choose different papers, different leathers, and now they make metal pieces to add to the covers.  The journals last forever and inspire you to use them!  Not to mention, they make it just plain fun to "shop" their journals when they're in town.  You'll laugh with them, and just have a great time choosing the right journal for the right person!  They are each a work of art.


I purchased my first Mind's Eye journal in 2012.  Since then, I'm well on my way to filling up my second journal.  These are, by far, the most unique and well-crafted journals I have ever come across.  The journals offer particular styles of paper, different sizes, styles of leather, and all in a range of prices.  Once you are done with your journal, it will become an heirloom for years to come.  I enjoy thumbing through my first journal all the time.  They are all extremely well created and will even stand the stress of being carried in a rucksack for weeks!


"Great selection, very high quality, nice people.  Bought one, and I have to say it's superb quality at a great price!"

Steve & Martha

We have our fantastic journals on display in the front room and enjoy them each and every day!  They do an incredible job!