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“The opposite of love is indifference, and the opposite of happiness is boredom.” —Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek


When I read this quote, my mid-life crisis began to come to an end. When I acted on this quote, that crisis instantly submerged itself into my past, and my future outlook began to brighten. 


You see, my original life plan was to travel to a country, learn the culture and language, get a job, live cheaply, save money, take classes for the language of the next chosen country, and then move on. I was 18 and living in Costa Rica, and all was going as planned until a fellow traveler significantly changed my path and convinced me to do what my parents had urged me to do — go back to the States and go to college. A milestone with a turn.


Had I not listened to her and a handful of other iconic figures in my life, I may not have ever become an artist and bookbinder. So I have no regrets about that. I don’t even have regrets about dropping out of college to become such. My regret is only that I chose to suppress my international-travel impulses and my extreme desire to learn languages and be familiar with the geography of the world. 


Making books and traveling to different arts festivals around this whole beautiful country helps to fulfill that nomadic passion within me. My artistic endeavors have brought abundant and profound benefits, satisfaction, and meaning to my life—more than I ever could have imagined! Way more. I really do love what I do. But my younger self still speaks within me and tells me that I want more. 





So what does boredom mean to me? I’m bored of the same highways and my usual gas stops. I’m bored of speaking only English. I’m bored of things that used to stimulate me but have now become second-nature. I’m bored of my excuses as to why I can’t — just CAN’T — take the time to live more of my dreams. Unhappiness from this boredom has rented a room in my heart, and I am pursuing strong action to evict it.


The plan? I’m going to stimulate that which excites me the most—international travel. I’m going to make my business work around my travel plans and not the other way around. I’m setting my yearly milestones to be defined by adventure and play rather than achievements and business. My spirit and mindset will be filled with excitement and inspiration, and my slumber will bring dreams of my dreams—from the past, present, and future.


"My spirit and mindset will be filled with excitement and inspiration, and my slumber will bring dreams of my dreams—from the past, present, and future. "


These adventures will no doubt fuel my creativity and inspire fresh work, which is one of the greatest benefits of this endeavor. My affection for bookbinding and art will grow, and my instinct to tell my stories through art-journaling will provide, over time, an excellent library of anecdotes for all to enjoy. 


So, I think I’ve figured it out: my life’s dedication to crafting journals, filling journals, and traveling with journals will be a colorful legacy I could contribute to this world and every human spirit in it.